Customer Support

Customer Support

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Part 9 of 9 Customer support takes on greater importance for SaaS solutions – clients can vote with their feet and go elsewhere if they are unhappy with a vendor or the perceived value of a solution, and churn rates go up.  Customer support is also an important element of the on-going sales process, [...]

How Marketing Changes for SaaS Solutions

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Part 6 of 9 There has been a major shift in how marketing is done and it is being driven by what is called buyer-centric marketing. There are two main factors behind this shift. The first is the need to keep the customer acquisition costs as low as possible. The second is a change [...]

The Many Faces of Customer Support in a SaaS World

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The Holy Grail of customer support is to have it fully automated, with little or no human interaction, but that’s not usually practical or desirable for many solutions. Good customer support usually goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction – and in the SaaS world where user renewals are critical – figuring out the “right” level of [...]