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101 Questions to ask about your Cloud business strategy

Whether you want to extend your existing business to incorporate Cloud solutions or the Cloud is your business model, there are many questions that need to be answered. Technology. Financials. Pricing. Target markets. Marketing. Sales. Sales compensation. Channel programs. Customer support. Legal. It is all in this book

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101 Questions every company should ask itself before going international

Whether you want to improve your existing international business or are looking for your first international sale, this 101 Questions book can be an excellent resource. It covers the most often-asked questions we get about successfully building international sales — which may be some of the very same questions you have on your mind.

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Video Tutorial Library

The York Group has developed an extensive library of short-form videos (2-8 minutes) that cover most of the questions companies have when it comes to developing the right Cloud business strategy.  Topics include market selection, pricing, sales organization & sales compensation, how to build and support productive channels, customer support, legal issues and more.

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White Papers

Throughout the years, The York Group has worked with hundreds of software companies from all over the world. In that time and through that experience, we have come to find some very common themes, questions and concerns among executive leadership who are looking to grow their companies. Our white papers discuss a number of these key issues.

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Industry Links

If you have been “Googling” and not finding the information/data you need, you may want to take a look at the links that we find to be helpful — especially for software companies with questions about going international. From trade shows to embassies, these links may be worth a look.

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