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The biggest challenge for ISVs moving to the Cloud is understanding the impact on their business model, because so many things change – cash flow, pricing, sales and marketing, customer support and client agreements. For companies serious about moving to the Cloud, laying the right foundation today is essential for future success.

The York Group offers two formats to help its clients make the right decisions:

Business Model Transformation Workshop

The two-day, on-site session involves a structured framework and facilitated discussions that combine the knowledge the client already has with the practical experience The York Group has developed from working with enterprise software companies, both on-premises and in the cloud, around the world. The process is designed to develop a business model for a new solution offering, or to review and fine-tune the current strategy.


A detailed, actionable business plan built on the business model that is best suited for a given technology, its price points and target markets.

Typical Agenda

• High-level information about the key drivers for the Cloud
• Pricing structure
• Market selection
• Impact on the sales organization and sales compensation models
• How marketing changes
• Financial metrics to measure your performance
• Go-to-Market options (direct, indirect, marketplaces, etc.)
• Scaling your customer support through automation
• Legal Issues
• Customization and Detailed Action Plan

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90-Minute Advisory Sessions

Ideal for companies that want to address specific issues, such as those listed above. You will benefit from our experience in working with a wide range of companies across vertical industries and geographies. The 90-minute advisory sessions can be scheduled as a single 90-minute session, or a series of two or three 90-minute sessions. The sessions are held by telephone or online.

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