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The York Group’s Video Tutorial Library provides guidance on key elements of the Cloud business model. Within the library below you will find information covering the topics of:

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Cloud Strategy

Strategies 350 60


Cloud Adoption

1 Enterprise cloud adoption 210


Is this the right time to launch a new SaaS application. We provide an overview on the status of the market opportunity. Not everything is as the media would have you believe.

Business Model

2 The Cloud Business Model 210

Successfully selling and supporting SaaS applications represents a completely different model from that of on-premise software. It’s not unusual for companies that launch Cloud applications to wake up one day to find they have just run out of money. Here are the elements of a successful Cloud business model.

Strategic Considerations

3 Strategic Considerations 210

As you start moving to the Cloud, there are a number of fundamental decisions you will need to make before you can even begin to think about sales, marketing etc. The wrong choices now can cost you big time later. In this video, we would like to lay out some of the key decision that need to be answered sooner rather than later.

Cloud Pricing Strategies

2 Pricing

Pricing Models

4 Cloud Pricing Model 210

There are many more pricing models for SaaS applications than there are for on-premise solutions. It opens the door to being really creative in establishing pricing that is very aligned with the value you are bringing to the customer. We’ll take a few minutes with this video to explain it all.

& Free Trials

5 Freemium and Free Trials 210

Do you know the difference between a “freemium” and a free trial — and when to use either for gaining new users and subscribers for your SaaS application? We explain it all in this video.


6 Pricing Considerations 210

An overview on the many different elements that need to be taken into consideration when establishing the pricing for your SaaS / Cloud-based applications.



7 International Markets 210

As a general rule, it’s a good idea for software companies to consider international expansion. But, the “when and where” for this type of growth requires a great deal of consideration. In the next seven minutes of this video, we will give you the key variables to consider.

Acquisition Costs

8 Customer Acquisition Costs 210

Customer acquisition costs are one of the key metrics that SaaS application developers need to monitor and control. What you spend on getting a new customer will have a dramatic impact on your cash flow. We will show you how to manage this critical element of your business.


9 Buyer Centric Marketing 210

With the introduction of Cloud-based applications, there’s been a major shift in how marketing is done and it is being driven by what is called buyer-centric marketing. Take a look at what this means for marketing SaaS solutions.

Churn Rates

15 Managing Churn Rates 210

In the world of SaaS applications, churn can be deadly. It reflects the number of customers who stop paying to use your application. It’s important to understand what a small percentage of churn can mean to your business. We give you a look at what you need to know.

Cloud Sales Strategies


10 Sales Organizations 210b

Moving from a perpetual up-front licenses to SaaS subscription payments can have a big impact on your sales organization as well as the compensation structure. Here’s a great overview of the key elements that you need to take into consideration.

Compensating Salespeople

11 Compensating salespeople 210

If you are using a sales force to sell your SaaS application, nothing moves until you have their compensation model nailed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look anything like the typical compensation model for selling an on-premise solution. We’ll help you create a compensation model that works!

Setting & Tracking Quotas

12 Setting and Tracking Quotas 210

When using a sales force to sell SaaS applications, compensation is a whole different ballgame from selling on-premise software. We provide you an overview of the difference and the strategies for setting sales quotas that work.

Channel Options

13 Cloud Channel Options 210

There are significantly more ways of getting a SaaS application into the market than an on-premise solution. The challenge is to select a path to market that best fits your solution…and avoid channel conflict. Here’s a look at all of your options.


14 Partner Margins 210

If you are using channel partners to help sell your SaaS application you need to get your partner margins right…or nobody will be selling anything. We give you the math and the reasons behind the numbers.

Customer Support Strategies

Customer Support Basics

16 Customer Support Basics 210

Three of the top four reasons for why someone stops using a SaaS application are all addressable by ensuring you have customer service covered like a blanket. Here’s what you need to know.


17 Self service support 210

A key to the successful SaaS business model is to keep the costs of customer support as low as possible, while still meeting customer expectations for responsiveness. We provide an overview on a number of self-service options that SaaS-based companies may want to consider.

Customer Support
Human Interaction

18 Customer Support Human Interaction 210

A key to profitable implementation of SaaS applications is to automate everything you can. But for some forms of customer support that might not be possible. We provide a comprehensive overview of your options for bringing the human touch to customer support.

Service Level Agreements

19 Service Level Agreements 210

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define the business relationship you will have with your clients. We provide an overview on the SLAs that are important for SaaS applications and what those SLAs should say.

Legal Considerations

Cyber Liability Insurance

20 Cyber Liability Insurance 210

An emerging element of the Cloud business model is cyber liability insurance. Breaches cost a lot of money and could potentially put you out of business. We take a couple of minutes in this video to discuss your costs, insurance and what you need to consider.


21 Legal Issues 210

We review the difference between end user license agreements and service agreements and which might apply to you as well as special legal considerations if you are selling through partners. Plus, a look at the Patriot Act and what it means to your business.